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Decaf Soft Pods 16 Count (Not for use in Melitta 1:1)

Melitta® Premium
  • For use in all Senseo, Hamilton Beach, and all other non-pressurized pod coffee makers.
  • Not recommended for Melitta One:One and all other high pressurized systems. (refer to your coffeemaker manufacturer’s instruction manual before use.)
  • The same fine taste and quality as our Medium Roast, without the caffeine
  • Each pod is a pre-measured serving, with 7 grams of premium decaffeinated medium roast coffee
  • Decaffeination process is all natural …100% chemical free
  • 16 pods nitrogen flushed for maximum freshness
  • Superbly balanced, deep intense flavor with a smooth finish
  • Biodegradable, more sustainable than capsules
  • Coffee pod maximum shelf life is 14 months