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Single Serve Coffee - Blanc et Noir (12ct)

Melitta Single Serve Coffee - Blanc et Noir (12ct)
An Exotic Harmony of Light & Dark Roasted Coffee Beans. Exceptionally Rich with a Deep Finish—Now in a Single-Serve Cup That Works in Most Keurig® Style Brewers*

12 Individually Sealed Cups; Each Filled with 100% Premium High Grown Arabica Coffee Encased in a Real Melitta Filter Which Produces a Richer, Bolder Cup of Coffee. Every Cup Is Packed in a Unique Thermal Sealed Freshness Pack, Which Locks in The Flavor. When You Open The Freshness Pack and Remove The Cup, Your Senses Are Romanced By The Bright Aroma of Rich, Premium Coffee That Can Be Seen Through The Classic Melitta Filter. Café De Europa Single Serve Is Designed So The Water Fully Saturates The Coffee, Maximizing The Flavor Extraction. The Result Is a Coffee Flavor That Is Full-Bodied and Flavorful, Reminiscent of Drip Coffee Brewing. All Components of the Cup and Freshness Pack Are 100% Recyclable. 

True to Our European Heritage, We Select Only Premium High Grown Arabica Coffee from The Finest Coffee Producing Regions in The World. These Top Quality, Hand-Picked Beans Are Then Batch Roasted and Ground Extra Fine to Release The Full Elegance of The Coffee. The Result...An Exceptional Flavor That Is Always Rich and Never Bitter, Just Like The Finest Café Coffee. Consistent with The Melitta Line, This Premium Coffee Is Kosher Certified. 

Created with The Exceptional Quality and Uncompromising Standards of The World's Best Cafés. Discover The Flavor of Europe in Every Cup. 

*Melitta Filter Cups and Melitta Products Are Not Affiliated with or Approved By Keurig Inc. 
*Will not fit in Keurig® VUE® brewing system.  
*Will not fit in Keurig® 2.0 brewing system…yet. 

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