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Café de Europa Riviera Sunset Decaf 10oz

Melitta® Cafe de Europa Riviera Sunset 10oz
A Full-Bodied Decaffeinated Coffee with a Rich & Smooth Flavor.

  • Naturally Decaffeinated with a Water Process
  • Extra Fine Grind
  • 100% Premium Arabica Beans
  • Kosher Certified

Imagine a decaffeinated coffee so rich and flavorful that it can make you feel as though you’re relaxing at a quaint café on the French Riviera, taking in the sights and sounds of Europe, getting lost in the moment.

Cultivated with more than a century of European coffee heritage, only premium coffee beans from the world’s finest coffee-producing regions are used in our coffees, including decaf. They’re handpicked, then roasted and ground extra fine for full flavor enjoyment. This is how our Riviera Sunset blend makes decaf truly shine.