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Careers with Melitta

Melitta is a family business. That ensures stability and long-term prospects. Working for Melitta means you are more than just a piece of the puzzle, you CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE. We work with each other, not against each other and you really get to know your team members. We are more than coffee.

Melitta USA calls Clearwater, Florida home for our corporate office for the United States. Sales, marketing, finance and other functions are all located in Clearwater. All of our award winning coffee filters are manufactured for North America are produced in this location.  


Our coffee roaster is located in Cherry Hill , New Jersey. There are several management and support functions located in Cherry Hill, as well as our entire coffee manufacturing team.


Please feel free to contact us regarding any open positions or future careers at Melitta.


For more information on career opportunities,
please contact Careers@melitta.com.