Rum and Coffee Martini


Makes 2 servings:


For the rum and coffee infusion:

150 ml Dark rum

50 g (1/4 cup) Coffee beans


For the martini:

100 ml Rum and coffee infusion

20 ml coffee liqueur

80 ml Melitta European Deluxe

20 ml Simple syrup

Ice cubes

Coffee beans


1.For the infusion, place coffee beans and rum into a container with a lid and let it steep for 12 to 24 hours. Then, use a colander to strain the beans from the rum.

2.For the martini, prepare coffee and let it cool completely.

3.Put the infusion, liqueur, coffee and simple syrup into a shaker.

4.Fill the shaker with ice, close it and shake it vigorously until the shaker mists.

5.Use a strainer and divide the concoction up into glasses filled with ice.

6.Garnish the drink with whole coffee beans and serve.

Tip: As an alternative to simple syrup, vanilla syrup also tastes great with this drink.